Interview questions:

Potential Interview Questions

Why you should ask it

The key to your family's future lies in the interview questions that you choose to ask. Remember that most questions during the interview process should pertain to child care.  The interview questions should range from how the nanny may handle various scenarios to the daily schedule the nanny will have for the children. Be sure that your questions lead into one another through a conversation.  Make the potential nanny feel comfortable and welcome.  You will get the best insight into her personality when she feels that she is able to open up to you. 

1. Are you looking for a temporary position or something more long term?

1. By finding out what sort of position they are interested in, it will let you know with a definite whether or not this could be your nanny.

2. How long have you been working with children.

2. This question will let you know their relative experience.  More questions can be developed from here.  If they have been working with children for more than a couple of years, then start to ask questions about how they got involved in childcare, activities they would do etc...

3. What age group of children do you enjoy working with?  What age group do you have the most experience with?

3. This will give you an idea of how well she may work with your little ones!

4. Have you been a nanny before?

4.  This question will let you see if she knows the game, or perhaps this is a new experience for the two of you. If she is new and you are not, then you have a nanny you can mold to your expectations.

5. What sort of things do you think you should be responsible for as a nanny for our family?

5. By asking this you may be able to catch a glimpse of her work ethic.

6. How do you feel about taking the children out to various public locations such...(whatever places you may wish your children to go... library, parks, play groups, theme parks, beach, lake, etc...)


6.  This will show you how comfortable she is taking care of your children on her own and in public.  It is a good experience for your children to learn to socialize in public. A good nanny will be able to handle it.

7.  What are some  examples of activities that you would do with my children? ( remind her of the ages)

7.  It will give you an insight to her experience in planning and creating age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities.

8.  How do you feel about setting a schedule for the children?

8.  If you are a parent that has your children on a strict schedule, or want your children to have a schedule, this question lets you know how open she is to having a schedule or sticking to a strict schedule.

9.  If you were to work here for the hours of ( give them the hours) what type of schedule do you think would be best?

9.  This will let you see how their time managing skills are as well as if she has an idea of how a schedule for children should be.

Remember, make the interview questions part of a conversation.  You do not need to go down a list made prior to the interview.  It may make the atmosphere feel awkward between you all.  At the end of the interview, inform the potential nanny that you may contact her later that day or the next day if there are anymore questions you think of.  Be sure that she knows that is is okay for her to call if she thinks of questions to ask you..