If Being a Nanny is the profession your are choosing...Consider these questions:

  1. Where can I find a family?
  2. Should I have a nanny contract?
  3. What duties should a Nanny do and not do?
  4. Should I ask for paid time off?

Being a Nanny
The how to and what to do guide

Being a Nanny, what does that mean?   A Nanny is a child care provider, teacher, play mate, friend, protector, chef, driver, and so much more to the children you Nanny.    Whether being a Nanny is a profession you choose to do for a life time or one that is an in between during your life, it is not one that should be taken halfheartedly.  Being a Nanny is a meaningful profession to you and to the family you are a Nanny for. 

Why Is It Important?

Being a Nanny means you are now responsible for those children until their parents come home.  There are expectations from the parents that you must meet as well as for the children. 

The parents expect their children to be taken care of in a kind, loving, gentle environment.  What that means depends on what you and your employer have discussed.

The children expect a lot more out of you because they rely on you so much.  They expect you to be a play mate on a rainy day.  They need you to get their food for them if they are young ones.  They want you to drive them places.They expect you to be their protector when they are scared and to doctor them up and love on them if they fall and get hurt.  

In the eyes of the parents, you are being a kind and nurturing care giver to their young ones, but to the children, you are so much more.  If being a Nanny is what you choose, be sure you can meet their expectations and more.