Choosing a Nanny
What is best for your family?

Okay, so you did it!  You finally made the decision on the best form of child care for your family.  Now to take that decision and turn it into a reality.  What do you do next?

1.  Make a list of the characteristics you want in a Nanny 

2.  Determine if she will be a live in Nanny or arrive daily.

3. Research the current going rate for a Nanny as well as daycare rates.

4.  Create a list of duties you would like her to do.

          ex- child's laundry, making meals, doctor             appointments, outings, play dates, school drop off/pick up 

After all, choosing a Nanny is like choosing a new addition to your family that will be with your little ones the majority of their waking hours.The Nanny will be there teaching, disciplining, and caring for them.  You want to make sure that what she is doing with your children is what you would do if you were in her shoes. 

Create a List of Expectations

Some ideas of questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a Nanny:

Temporary or Permanent Nanny?

What type of questions should I ask in the interview?  Here are a list of questions to help lead the way in an interview:

Interview Questions

Do I want a live in Nanny?