What duties should a Nanny be responsible for?

The duties that the Nanny will be responsible for will ultimately be determined through mutual agreement between the Nanny and the family. It is a good idea to think of any possible duties that the Nanny will be responsible for either daily or occasional be though of and put into contract.  If some of the duties will only come up occasionally, they should still be written into the contract.  This will help to avoid and disagreements about the duties that you are responsible for.  All duties should pertain to the children. 

Once other duties begin to be added, then you are being more than a Nanny to the children.  Consequently, you should be compensated for you added responsibilities.  Before putting into contract the duties that you will be responsible for, make sure to write up a list of the duties you believe you should be responsible for.  Compare the list you write up to the list that the parents put into contract.  If there are any you don't agree with, or that you are unsure of whether you should do them, be sure to bring it to the parents' attention.  They will more than likely work with you. 

Common duties of a Nanny

Nanny's Responsibility/duty


  • Healthy and age appropriate meal preparation
  • Depending upon the hours that you will be working, you will need to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or any combination of 2 of them. 
  • Clean up or help the children clean up after all messes.
  •  It should be expected that this will include messes that are made with toys, art activities or meals.
  • Do the children's laundry.
  • Depending on how busy the parents are, you make be asked to the the children's laundry.  Just make sure that they do not ask you to do any other laundry such as theirs, towels, or linens.(There are exceptions. For example if a child wets the bed)
  • Assist the parents with any shopping that may need to be done for the kids.
  • The shopping may include, clothes, school supplies, snacks, birthday presents for either the children or for parties that they are invited to. Any shopping is okay as long as it pertains to the children and that the parents supply the necessary money.
  • Take the children to any doctor appointments
  • Some parents may want you to take the children to  their doctor appointments.  Make sure that you are on all necessary medical documents and that there is documentation signed that allows you to sign medical forms.  This is extremely important if the parents travel out of town a lot and leave you with the children.
  • Take the children on fun or educational outings
  • This will help the children learn to socialize in various settings, learn new information, and create fun memories.
  • Create fun and educational activities for the children
  • The activities can be through art or other means such as games.