Nanny Contract
Should I insist on one?

Should I insist on a Nanny Contract?  The answer to that is without a doubt YES!!!  Without a nanny contract, anything could happen.  In the best circumstances, you have a fabulous family you work for and they do not take advantage of you. However, you must always look out for yourself.  A contract sets boundaries and guidelines for both you and the parents.   Anything can happen with children and it is a good idea for and your new family to have a mutual understanding on how to handle various incidences with the children.  Remember,  protect yourself and insist that you and the family come up with an acceptable nanny contract together. 


A nanny contract should include:

  •  The duties the family expects of you ( upon mutual agreement).  Some duties that are at minimally acceptable are;                                 
  •  Doing the children's laundry, feeding the children nutritious meals, having quiet time with the children, reading books, taking the children out on play dates or other places to socialize and be children, cleaning up after children, coming up with fun crafts and games to play, educational activities, doing shopping for birthday parties.

  • Whether or not you will be driving their vehicle or yours ( if driving is an option)

  • The rate of pay based according to the hours/days that you work.

  • The hours that you are expected to work. 
  • If there are ever hours that are outside of what is stated in the nanny contract, an agreed upon rate for either an evening, hourly, or a weekend  is a good idea to have.  Also, if you are the primary nanny for a young one because the other child is in school, it is a good idea to have an agreed upon rate for when the child is not in school as well.

  • If the family chooses to allow you paid time off.

  • If the family chooses to go on vacation, then whether or not you are to be paid should be in the nanny contract.
  • This is not always a problem.  Many families will agree that because they chose to take the time away, leaving you without work, that the nanny should be paid.

  • What you should do in case of an emergency occurs either with the house in general or with the children.
  • This is always a good idea to have in a Nanny Contract.  You do not want to be left stranded without any clue as to what the Parents would want to be done if some emergency occurs.  Make sure you have discuses various emergencies that could happen.

  • Whether or not you are to sign documents for medical attention
  • If you are going to be taking the children to medical appointments, it is good to have written confirmation as well as any legal documentation that you are allowed to sign all medical forms.
  • It is also a good idea to have this in the Nanny Contract in case you are working for a family that often go out of town on business trips.

  • How the parents want the children to be disciplined.
  • This is a GIGANTIC deal!  Under no circumstances do you  want to do anything that the parents do not agree with!!!  Disciplining children is a precarious issue.  Always go along with what the parents want.  Be sure to inform the parents when they get home of the child's behavior and how it was handled.