Temporary vs. Permanent

Okay, you now have decided that you want to have a Nanny as your choice of Child Care. Remember that a Nanny is an added person to the household no matter the amount of time they are with you.  It is another figure in the child or children's life that must listen to but also that you have to get along with.   What do you do now?  Well, you have to decide whether you want a Nanny for a temporary time such as 6 months, 1 year, 2 year etc...or if you want a permanent Nanny, a Nanny that will work for an indefinite amount of time.  What will work best for your family and it's childcare needs?

Temporary Nanny

Permanent Nanny

Is it ideal for your family to have a Temporary Nanny for their child care needs?  Here are some questions to ask yourself...and some tips to help you make your decision.

1.  Are your children older or younger?  If they are older than perhaps a temporary nanny is the way to go.  As they get older they will not rely on a nanny as much because they are more self sufficient.  Also, as the oldest one get to a more responsible age, it may be okay for them to be home for an hour until the parent gets home.   

2.  Is your family expecting to be moving soon?  If you are a family that moves around a lot or you know that a move is inevitable then choose a Temporary Nanny.  Be fair to the Nanny and give her a predetermined amount of time.  If you are unsure of whether you will be moving then give her an amount of time and tell her when it's gets close to the time you all can reevaluate what is going on with the family and it's child care needs.

3. How will my family react to having a Nanny?  If getting into the Nanny business is a new experience for your family and you are unsure of how it will work, then perhaps choosing a temporary nanny will be the best way for you to go.  If you all like having a Nanny and she enjoys it then talk permanent when the time comes.

Is it ideal for your family to have a Permanent Nanny for their child care needs?  Here are a few questions and tips to ask yourself to help you with your decision.

1.  How long do you want a Nanny for?  If you only ever want to use a Nanny as your child care then, a permanent nanny is best for you.

2.  What is your family like right now?  If your family is just starting or your children are young, then having a permanent nanny may be a good idea.  The children will be used to her and will learn to respect and obey her just as they would you.  If your children are around preschool age, and about to start school, then I would figure out how often you would need the Nanny.

3.  If your children are school age, what is your family schedule?  Do you need help in the mornings AND after school?  Do either you or your spouse travel a lot for work?  If so, perhaps the permanent nanny is the solution.  This way, there is someone who will be available to take care of your children that is part of the family no matter what comes up.